1812 Table

A  British Invasion you’ll love. Rockers and Gentlemen alike will enjoy this little gem. To commemorate the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, we created this delightful 42″ round pedestal dining table. The black and silver turned-pedestal mimics a cannon. Meticulously hand-painted; distressed and gracefully worn; sealed with flooring-grade urethane; and custom-crafted to suit your space (so … Read more


Mastery of hand-tools defines the ability of  a craftsman.  Sometimes, a computer or CNC machine simply cannot do what the human hand can do. For instance: Sir John Alexander Macdonald practiced law in this building in Kingston, from 1849-1860. There were originally two flanking fireplace mantles; however one was removed during a previous renovation. We … Read more

What is Luxury without Comfort?

So many of the so-called  ‘contemporary-classic’  new homes are reminiscent of mausoleums. Strictly elegant, white, cold.  Not at all comfortable, in any sense of the word. For what is luxury without comfort? We don’t live in showrooms; and if some do, then that is another issue entirely. It’s often difficult to blend elegant looks with a relaxed feel. … Read more

Anatomy of a Traditional Door

  Wood entrance doors will last centuries, with normal paint/varnish maintenance. What is ‘normal?’ Simple answer: when cosmetically ugly, it’s time to paint or varnish!   It is vital to keep the wood sealed at all times, to prevent water egress. It’s too bad that this vital principle doesn’t always  start at the manufacturer! It can … Read more


Dignity. It’s in all of us.  At times it’s hidden, but it’s there nonetheless. And as you are about to discover: appearances can be deceiving. We refinished  an antique steamer trunk to be auctioned in aid of the Parkdale Food Centre at the Gala May 1st http://www.parkdalefoodcentre.org/2014/04/01/uepresentspfcgala/ When we delivered the trunk, the Centre was filled with the … Read more


Not the bad kind. These are good blues.  PPG brand eggshell latex ‘CAVALRY ‘ to be precise. BEFORE we redecorated, we were greeted with the usual hum-drum institutional beige. Everywhere.  Throughout. Which is OK if you’re into SHAKER STYLE and minimalism. However the owner was downsizing from a 4,400 sq. ft. Edwardian brick and had a collection of cherished antiques and … Read more