People don’t like to be poor.  Yet many do not earn a living-wage.    Historic Building Co.  believes Charity begins at home.  We buy Local; support Local. 

We donate furniture for auction in support of local arts groups, and of food banks.     By extending a helping hand to the disadvantaged, we help to create a local sustainable economy. 


We believe local sustainable economies add dignity to  Life. Connecting the dots; bringing people together: by employing artisans in our built heritage, we keep alive our rich cultural heritage.  We refer over 1,000 artisans of all talents, for every type of new or restoration project.    Food artisans;  metalsmiths; stone-masons; painters…  In an age of disposable things,  creating or  conserving great Art & Architecture combines ultimately to make Canada a happier place.

Thanks for your support.  Without you, we could not continue to support these good organisations:

And too many more to list…..



Buy Local, support Local  for a sustainable economy and LIFE











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